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Unique investment opportunity, in the purchase of this profitable company in its total; com (2) Different bars that operate in locations under lease, and (1) General storehouse that is an asset of the company, all located in proximity in the same geographical area. Located in a privileged area in the village of Sintra, a World Heritage Site, with an annual tourism tax of almost 4 million visitors / year.

With an annual turnover of around € 550,000.00 in (2019). Even in (2020) with the opening restrictions due to the pandemic, we managed to maintain all costs and a comfortable level of profitability; it is recognized as one of the best in its field by the local council and tourist authorities, and we maintain a vastly loyal local and regional clientele.

The investment includes the total acquisition of the company and all of its assets, all the filling of the (3) spaces, machinery, furniture and vintage decoration, valued at around € 300,000. and without any liabilities.

The company is in full operation; it currently employs 10 employees, all hired and with all legal requirements up to date; - is duly licensed, with all necessary licenses for its activity, as well as taxation, taxes, social security, ASAE and HACCP.


    Investment Size

    • Investment Size: €700.000

    Business opportunity

      Our company is basically a hotel services company with extensive experience in the area, and at this moment it is probably the best hotel company in the municipality of Sintra with regard to Bar services. With an annual turnover in the order of € 500,000.00 directed at the private market, whose efficiency rate in terms of daily customers is around 100%. The company does not have any type of liability, it is clearly self-sustaining. If there is interest we can schedule a visit to the 3 spaces that are the offer we have to negotiate and eventually schedule a meeting for a better appreciation of what is really at stake in this negotiation.

    Company Data

    • Revenue: €550000

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